The Holy Scriptures

We believe the Scriptures (Bible) to be inspired by God and without any error.  The Scriptures are the final authority for faith & life.  The King James Version is God’s preserved Word in the English language.

Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ, God the Son, is the part of a triune God that left heaven to become a man.  Jesus was miraculously born of a virgin.  Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, was buried, and rose from the dead three days later.

Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is a part of the triune God.  The Holy Spirit draws men to salvation.  The Holy Spirit indwells and enables those who are born again.


We believe that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was for the sins of all mankind.  This sacrifice of Christ satisfied God’s requirement for man’s sins to be pardoned.  Man is saved from the penalty of his sin by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe that the church is God’s plan for His children today.  The church is an assembled group of believers that seeks to encourage one another and follow the Lord’s command to be a light in this world.